Bay Harbour Cape Cod
Bay Harbour Cape Cod
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Bay Harbour Cape Cod Waterfront Homes

Cape Cod Waterfront Property, ProvincetownThe sunrise filters through your bedroom window and you greet the day with the sounds of the sea and sparkling panoramic ocean views. An early morning walk on the flats at low tide takes you one hundred yards off shore and you're still only ankle deep. It is here where the air is mellow and the sunrise gives inspiration to the coming day. This is just the start of your experience at Bay Harbour where your home is designed to take advantage of each important moment throughout the day.

The ocean views from Bay Harbour are ever changing, with the emergence of pristine sand bars and tidal pools, which appear and disappear with the ebb and flow of a seascape that has been memorialized by the artists and photographers who congregate here. Flocks of terns and gulls seem to create sand bars of their own and off in the distance, sail boats, fishing boats and whale watching boats decorate the horizon. You will discover, as you study Bay Harbour house plans and landscape design, that sunny mornings, shady afternoons and ocean breezes are only some of the design considerations borrowed from an earlier era, that make Bay Harbour such an unusual oceanfront colony.

If you would like to experience the many special natural and man-made features offered at Bay Harbour contact us at 561-603-3064 for a personal tour and up-to-date information.